Husky Gets Stuck in Tree, Internet Comes to the Rescue with Photoshop

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It's not every day that you see a husky stuck up a tree and whilst not all of us could be on hand to help the poor stranded pooch there were a large number of internet users at hand waiting to help out with mouses and keyboards at the ready.

Doing what it does the best the community over on r/photoshopbattles decided to help out the only way they know how, by placing the husky in just about every hilarious situation imaginable, from scenes in Star Wars to a badass biker. Here are 16 of the best.



1. Such speed

2. Came in like a wrecking ball...

3. Predator

4. Badass

5. Bad to the bone

6. A more natural habitat

7. Quidditch through the ages

8. Drake needs a doggo

9. That's not how this works...

10. All Hail King Julien

11. The Dog Witch

12. Dogseggutor

13. Safe place

14. Taking tricks to another level

15. Fast and Furryous

16. Cool dogs don't look at explosions