Photographer Flips Landscape Photo to Reveal Impressive Hidden Illusion

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Using reflections to create an optical illusion isn't anything new, just check out these amazing images, but hiding that illusion in plain sight is and that's something that sports filmmaker Kevin Wolf recently managed to do whilst on a trip to California’s Yosemite National Park.

Wolf took a photo of a beautiful mountainous landscape featuring a majestic looking  autumnal forest placed right by a lake that reflected the mountains, trees and sky perfectly, but it's not until the image is flipped that you realise it goes from a sunny day in Yosemite to a dramatic starry night thanks to the waters dark and speckled apperance.

Thanks to that variation in the waters appearance the illusion works perfectly, forcing us to question whether it's day or night. Sure, the reflection in the water of the flipped image is a little bit of a giveaway, but it's still an awesome illusion. You can see more of Wolf's photography on his websiteInstagram and Facebook.

This is the original photo:

And here it is after being flipped:

Here a few more photos that Wolf took whilst visiting Yosemite: