Photographer Travels the World in Search of the World's Most Beautiful Architecture

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Whether a building is architecturally unique or as plain as a row of old terraced houses one thing is certain, photographer Tobias Gawrisch has the ability to turn even the most mundane looking building facades into stunning works of art. The self-taught professional photographers two passions in life are food photography and architectural photography, the latter of which he pursues as he explores the world in search of the most unique and beautiful buildings it has to offer.

In order to find new locations Gawrisch will often spend hours searching through photographic communities, forums and even looking on Google Maps for buildings that take his interest. Not afraid to travel to get the perfect shot, so far he's visited locations in Belgium, USA, The Netherlands and Spain, although the majority of his photos are taken in his home country of Germany.

Once on location Gawrisch takes multiple long exposure photos with some lasting as long as 8 minutes, editing them together later on in order to preserve as much detail as possible in a process that can sometimes take as long as 6 hours per photo. The end result however is worth it, as each of the photos you see below is worthy of a place in an art gallery - turning buildings into artwork.

You can see more of Gawrisch's work on FacebookInstagram and website.

1. Berlin, Germany

2. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

3. Hamburg, Germany

4. Train Station Liège-Guillemins, Belgium

5. Berlin, Germany

6. Berlin, Germany

7. Boston, USA

8. Liège, Belgium

9. Düsseldorf, Germany

10. Berlin, Germany

11. Barcelona, Spain

12. Cologne, Germany

13. Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

14. Groningen, The Netherlands

15. Köln, Germany

16. Berlin, Germany

17. Essen, Germany

18. Vroenhoven, The Netherlands

19. Düsseldorf, Germany

20. New York City, USA

21. Zeeland, The Netherlands

22. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

23. Berlin, Germany

BlazePress granted permission to post photos by Tobias Gawrisch.