Why Is It That Every Marvel Movie Looks So Ugly?


Whilst there’s been more than enough superhero movies released in the past few years there’s no denying that when it comes to superheroes on the big screen nobody does it as well as Marvel. In recent years they’ve produced some of the best movies to date, whether that’s down to their plots or the actors who star in them.

So why is it that all of them look a little bit dull, drab and at times quite boring? the answer lies in the colour grading. There’s so much opportunity for the epic battles and fight scenes in the Marvel movies to be full of vibrant and colourful explosions, characters and backgrounds that mimic the franchises comic book origins and yet we’re all left a little underwhelmed.

Patrick (H) Willems says it best in the video below when describing the epic fight sequence in Captain America: Civil War as “a giant parking lot”. With simple adjustments he’s able to make scenes pop and it leaves us puzzled as to why Marvel doesn’t do the same.

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