Adventurous Couple Photograph New Zealand's Most Breathtaking Locations At Night

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There are few places on earth that can claim to be a hot spot for photographers from around the world and yet for adventure photography couple Jake and Jo one of them, New Zealand, just so happens to be their home. Gifted with the some of the most beautiful spots on earth right at their doorstep the couple do their home country justice by snapping breathtaking photos of its landscapes and starry skies as meteors flash past and the aurora australis gives off a magical glow.

The couples ability to capture all of this in one photograph is impressive but made even more remarkable when you learn that they've only been experimenting with photography since 2015 and even more recently have discovered astrophotography, the results of which you can see below.

Despite limited equipment and the issue of light pollution their photographs are still some of the most beautiful of New Zealand that we've ever seen. You can see more of their work over on Facebook and Instagram