Selfie Taking Tourist Destroys 400-Year-Old Statue in Lisbon Museum

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If you hate selfies then this story about a tourist who destroyed an 18th century statue whilst trying to snap a photo of himself isn't going to make matters any better.

The 400-year-old statue of Saint Michael was located in the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon at the time and was destroyed on Sunday, a day that allows visitors into the museum for free. A Brazilian tourist was backing up whilst trying to take a selfie when he knocked the sculpture over leaving it shattered beyond repair.

Nuno Miguel Rodrigues was there at the time and managed to snap a photo of the shattered statue on the floor which quickly went viral on Facebook. The identity of the tourist is currently being withheld whilst an investigation is carried out.


selfie taking tourist destroys statue 1.jpg


selfie taking tourist destroys statue 2.jpg