15 Amazing Before-And-After Photos of Landscapes Transformed During Winter

Whilst a lot of complain about the shorter days and the cold, often wet weather of winter time it’s also pretty easy to appreciate it’s more beautiful side as the seasonal changes transform landscapes into winter wonderlands.

During this time of the year places in the northern hemisphere are often transformed to the point that they’re hardly recognisable as lakes are frozen over and whole villages and settlements are blanketed in snow. To celebrate winters arrival Boredpanda put together 15 incredible before and after photos of landscapes that have been transformed by winter. 

1. Shirakawa-Go, Japan

663highland, Agustin Rafael Reyes

2. Hamnoy, Norway

Jacek Kadaj, Vadim Balakin

3. Yosemite National Park, California

Spondylolithesis, land_of_ice

4. St Joseph Lighthouse, Michigan, USA

Kevin Povenz, John Mccormick

5. Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Karen Plimmer, Terry Chuang

6. Kirkjufell Pool, Iceland

Bin Sultan, Ivan Pedretti

7. Pergola Conservatory Park, Central Park, New York

Trish Mayo, Shawn Grenninger

8. Vilnius, Lithuania

Antanas Kairys, Laimonas Ciūnys

9. Landwasser Viaduct, Switzerland

Eigenes Bild, Hotspot Media

10. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Reinhold Samonigg, Ales Krivec

11. Natadera Temple, Komatsu, Japan

Pale Blue, Anderson Sato

12. Johannapark, Leipzig, Germany

PK, muhammedkurtoglu

13. Gasadalur, Faroe Islands

Fabian Zehnder, Mortan Mortensen

14. Radhost Mountain, Czech Republic

Anwar Berech

15. Reine, Norway

jpgentilini, Felix Roser

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