The Reason Most of Today’s Movies Are Nothing More Than ‘Okay’

Some movies are amazing, some of them are pretty rubbish but as Nerdwriter proves in his latest video, the majority of movies fall somewhere in between the two extremes and can often be referred to as passable movies, not terrible enough to complain about but not so good you’ll be rushing back to the theatre the next day to watch it again.

So what is it that makes a movie good? Nerdwriter goes on to explain that a good movie will often look at something in the human experience, whether that’s romance, heroism or loss and then approach the subject in a complex and empathetic way where as a bad movie will often skip the empathetic part and cut straight to the action which often leaves it feeling very empty. A passable movie however will approach something through cliches and terms that we as an audience are already extremely familiar with from previous movies.

Because of this the next time you watch a movie that you think is ‘passable’, it’s more than likely just a mix-match of every other movie you’ve seen before.

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