18 People Who Came up with Creative Fixes to Broken Things

These days if something breaks it’s all to easy to go out and replace it or start over again, but there’s not a lot of fun (or creativity) in doing so. A broken wall? no need to rebuild it, just use some LEGO. Ok, so building an entire wall out of LEGO might not make it structurally sound but it doesn’t need to in these cases, it just needs to look better – something that these 18 genius excel at.

From shattered iPhones to pen doodles on a wall here are 18 people who decided to make the best out of a bad situation by getting creative with their fixes.

1. Broken walls get ‘fixed’ with LEGO

Jan Vormann

2. Kid draws on wall, mum steps in to fix it


3. Guy has a car accident, turns the aftermath into an epic piece of art


4. Using recycled DVDs to repair a broken bird bath


5. Broken pots become fairy gardens


6. Fixing a broken mug handle

Katrin Joonas

7. Russian Urban Interventionist Andrey Syaylev uses books to fix broken walls

Andrey Syaylev

8. Crack in the wall? no problem…


9. Repairing a couch with lace

10. A wall that’s had water damage gets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles treatment


11. Her boyfriend fell down the stairs and made a hole and instead of fixing it…


12. Fixing old broken furniture using transparent materials

Tatiane Freitas

13. The creative fix to a broken bumper

14. Artist in Chicago comes up with a creative fix for its potholes

Jim Bachor

15. Fixing a worn old pair of heels


16. Using a LEGO man to hold up a graphics card


17. Walls fixed with amazing geode installations

Paige Smith

18. Using a couple of different coloured highlighters on a cracked iPhone



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