The 20 Dumbest Things That Happened in 2016

We’ve already broken down 2016 into a terrible list of bad things that happened stat and these 20 people certainly didn’t help the situation with their stupidity. Mostly involving posts on social media that are either misspelt or just straight up awkward, here are 20 people that should have tried harder in 2016.

1. The prom dress.

2. The pain is unbearable

3. This head injury

4. The crisp lasagna

5. Teachers Skating


6. The cold weather

7. Don’t spaghetti and drive

8. Medium to rare chicken breast…

9. Medical emergency

10. Asking the important questions

11. Acute

12. Someone sack Sherlock Holmes, we’ve found a replacement

13. Caramel

14. Telling the difference is nearly impossible

15. Obama’s real last name

16. The most revolutionary invention in centuries

17. This mathematical genius

18. This inspiring milk

19. They did the math

20. Finally, this car crash of a status

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