20 Hilarious Comics That End with an Unexpected Twist by War and Peas

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Since 2011 art school lecturer Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich, a freelance comic artist, have been the creative duo behind the increasingly popular web comic series "War and Peas". The team based in the German-French border town of Saarbrücken have been working together for more than four years to turn the tragedies of modern life into relatable comics that leave a smile on your face, using ghostly figures, robots and of course humans to express everyday plights that we all have to face.

They release a new comic each week and if you love Kunz and Pich's work as much as we do you can keep up to date on their website and well as follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

1. I wrote you a poem

2. Life is pointless

3. Literally

4. Dear diary

5. A good friend

6. What is love?

7. Time is relative

8. How to have fun

9. Falling in love

10. Free hugs

11. Warm meals

12. Relevant

13. Perv

14. Whoa

15. Howl

16. Goodboy89

17. Nailed it

18. Printers and their master plan

19. Robot

20. Just ok?