Guy Builds Giant Dragon-Shaped Tower for His Now Seriously Happy Cat

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If you're the proud owner of a cat then we've got some bad news for you, you don't own the cat, it more than likely owns you, such is this relationship between one creative guy named Sam and his much loved cat named Denni.

In order to keep his kitty happy Sam recently embarked on a quest to create Denni a giant cardboard home in the shape of a dragon and as the outcome shows, Denni has every right to be happy with his new house. Clearly a match made in heaven, according to Sam's website he loves creating stuff out of cardboard and like most cats Denni is also a sucker for a cardboard box.

Even cooler still is that the structure is more complex than it first appears as it also features moving parts that include ramps, sliding windows, storage draws for his toys and stepping planks. Cat owners are always having to keep their feline friends happy and Sam has certainly outdone himself - for now.

Eager to please his pet cat Denni, one guy called Sam built his cat a tower

sam builds dragon tower for cat 2.jpg

Inspired by the fact that they both loved cardboard he created a dragon tower

sam builds dragon tower for cat 4.jpg

And Denni couldn't be happier with his efforts

sam builds dragon tower for cat 5.jpg

Inside there are moving parts that allow Denni to move around the giant dragon tower

sam builds dragon tower for cat 3.jpg
sam builds dragon tower for cat 1.jpg

Here's a video of the tower