18 Brilliant Christmas Tree Topper Alternatives for When a Star Won't Do

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Funny, creative and often a mixture of both these Christmas tree toppers ditch the tradition of an angel or star at the top of the tree for pop culture icons and some of your most loved movie and cartoon characters.

Whether it's the Death Star from Star Wars, the sorting hat from Harry Potter or even an entire black Christmas tree made to look like Darth Vader these are bound to make guests and family members laugh. Here are 18 brilliant tree topper alternatives.

1. The sorting hat from Harry Potter

2. Yoda

3. Cat Christmas tree topper

4. Darth Vader

creative christmas tree toppers 1.jpg

5. Grumpy Cat

6. Randy Orton RKO out of nowhere!

7. Mario Bros



8. King Kong

9. Groot

10. Godzilla

11. Deadpool

creative christmas tree toppers 12.jpg

12. Have a Christmas

13. That's no moon...

14. Horse head

15. The King

16. Santa Seal

17. Patrick

18. Finally, the Tardis!