IKEA Resolves Most Googled Relationship Problems with Hilariously Renamed Furniture

The Swedish furniture seller IKEA is never one to shy away from making people laugh, they proved that earlier this year when they trolled Kanye West by releasing a bunch of fictional Kanye inspired pieces of furniture and homeware, and now it would seem they’ve turned their attentions towards all of us and our relationship troubles.

This time they teamed up with Swedish agency Åkestam Holst to change the names of their products as well as come up with completely new ones in order to solve some of the most frequently googled relationship problems in Sweden.

The recently launched “Retail Theraphy” website is full of products to solve problems such as “how to keep a girlfriend” and even a solution to “my partner snores.” Check out the products below.

1. How to keep a girlfriend

2. My partner snores

3. My sister steals my stuff

4. She gives me mixed signals

5. My partner annoys me

6. My mum can’t cook

7. Find a way back to each other

8. Splitting expenses with your partner

9. My sister takes up too much space

10. My family doesn’t respect me

11. I need more men in my life

12. How to say i’m no interested

13. How to make a long distance relationship work

14. How to stay married

15. My girlfriend won’t do the dishes

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