Satirical Mirror Series Pokes Fun at People Who 'Fake a Life' Online

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In a series that's supposed to make people think about who they are and how they perceive themselves Colombian artist Camilo Matiz has created a satirical and thought provoking installation of mirrors and neon signs that display hidden messages.

A social commentary on the stark contrast between what people post about themselves online and how they really feel phrases are cleverly turned from "Take a Selfie" to "Fake a Life" and Believe You Can" turns into "Lie To Yourself Anyway". Although the overall message being conveyed here is a negative one, the actual execution of the idea is pretty creative. Find out more here.

1. Take a selfie / Fake a life

truthful mirror series art 1.jpg

2. I love you / I'm over you

truthful mirror series art 4.jpg

3. Believe you can / Lie to yourself anyway

truthful mirror series art 2.jpg

4. You are a star / You Bastard

truthful mirror series art 3.jpg

5. Not here / here

truthful mirror series art 5.jpg