15 Complete Strangers That Met Their Doppelgängers by Complete Chance

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Although each and every one of us is unique, with more than 7 billion people on the planet the chances that there it someone out their who looks remarkably similar to yourself are probably pretty high - the chances of actually meeting them however are slim.

There are various ways in which you can track down your very own doppelgänger online however for these 15 people it happened entirely by chance and the photos they took to mark the occasion will have you questioning everything. Here are 15 complete strangers that met their real life doppelgängers.

1. "My BF met his doppelganger in IKEA last night."

2. These two work together on a daily basis.

3. "His girlfriend of one year started walking towards me thinking I was him..."

4. These two found each other and even share the same birthday.

5. When this guy went to college for the first time he noticed that people kept coming up to him and calling him "Brian." His name is Josh. He met Brian a few weeks into the Semester.

6. After her dad, cousins and brother accidentally mistook her doppelganger for her she knew they had to take a photo together. 

7. They were sat next to each other on the plane, ended up checking into the same hotel and then went for a beer together.

8. "I ran into my doppelganger at my cousin's wedding and she's my cousin's husband's sister, no other relation."

9. They met at a party and they're pretty much twins!

10. "My friend found his doppelganger at a party."

11. Matching hats and moustaches make this.

12. He met his doppelganger at a music festival and then decided to do a face swap.

13. "My friend met his doppelganger last night."

14. These two look so similar they should start asking questions!

15. Retired priest Neil Richardson moved to Essex and wondered why people kept calling him "John." It turns out that his doppelganger already lived there.