17 Tumblr Posts About the Internet That Will Make You Laugh

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Given that we spend so much time online these days there's obviously a lot to talk about. Gone are the days that the embarrassing stuff you did in the past remains exactly their, in the past, as these days you have to trawl back through the stuff you did online years ago and delete it all. From being outgoing on the internet and an introvert in real life to the internet seriously messing up your time management here are 17 tumblr posts about the internet that are hilariously true.

1. Internet you Vs. real you.

2. Because the internet is so helpful.

3. Because you're forever forgetting.

4. Highly relatable.

5. This seriously META moment.

6. This interesting food for thought.

7. The Facebook regret.

8. Something we all do.

9. When you've been off the internet for a while.

10. Because every online review ever could be broken down into these three categories.

11. Google always has your back.

12. Time management at its best.

13. Facebook interactions like this.

14. Browser issues.

15. Nostalgia.

16. Huge regrets.

17. Finally, this really good point.