The World’s Largest Vertical Maze Is Illuminated with Thousands of LED Lights


Thanks to the fact that the city of Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, a lot of the cities other impressive architecture is often overlooked, one such building being the Rostamani Maze Tower which also boasts another Guinness world record as the world’s tallest vertical maze.

Built in 2011 and at an impressive 56-stories the tower stands at 689-feet-tall and is used for both residential and business purposes. Designed by DAR Consult with the help of maze designer Adrian Fisher the building just got an impressive makeover after thousands of LED lights were installed along the maze’s lines to bring its complex design to life at night.

Light director Rebeca Sánchez described the project as “the biggest challenge I ever had as a light director.” Check it out in the photos below as well as the video.



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