18 Hilarious Comics That Are All Too True for Cat Owners

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As any experienced cat owner will tell you, cat ownership is both a rewarding and at times challenging experience. Many people prefer cats over dogs because they're more independent and require less maintenance, but that's only when they're not busy knocking over household objects, sitting on your keyboard whilst you're trying to browse the web or waking you up at 3am when they decide to turn the house into a giant obstacle course.

For the most part though they're loving pets that never fail to make you smile and of course keep you on your toes. Here are 18 hilarious comics that cat owners will fully understand.

1. Time to run some errands... never mind.

2. You would rather stay in with your pet.

3. They don't judge you... or do they?

4. Everything's better with a cat... sort of.

5. They're always watching and judging.

6. They'll go wherever the sun takes them.

7. There's never a moment of peace.

8. Tasty human.

9. They're always hungry.

10. Trying to get to sleep.

11. What a sight to wake up to.

12. They've got healing powers.

13. The ultimate excuse to not do anything.

14. Only pet owners will understand.

15. They appear to defy physics.

16. Because they always want what they shouldn't have.

17. The scientific reason they knock things over.

18. There's no arguing with that.