19 Striking Photos That Accidentally Resemble Renaissance Art


Ever since this infamous photo of a man laying in the middle of a street on new years eve 2016 went viral for being compared to a renaissance artwork others have continued to share photos that also resemble famous renaissance artworks.

Whether they're focused around some of the more serious events that happened in 2016 or just a light hearted comparison to classical paintings such as The Last Supper, each of these photos are worth of a place in an art gallery, especially "The Creation Of Catam."

1. Not In Service

2. The Catch

3. Refugees in Lesbos

4. Looking Longingly At The Loaves

5. The Creation Of Catam

6. Chess

7. The Passion Of The Slice

8. The Commute

9. The Baker

10. Vladimir Putin Staring At The Embassador's Corpse

11. A Horse Rears In The Crowd

12. Pure Joy

13. Passion Of The Cruz

14. Pizza Night With Woofers

15. Warrior

16. King Jame's Court

17. Renaissance in Russia

18. Despair

19. The Battle