18 People Who You Could Definitely Never Trust

Everyone has their own way of doing things, that’s what makes us unique after all, but there are some things that are universally agreed on and shouldn’t be messed with. When it comes to eating pizza, milk on cereal and biting into a KitKat there’s a right way and a wrong way… and anyone that does it the wrong way shouldn’t be trusted.

1. You can’t trust someone that has orange juice with cereal. 


2. Or someone that does this to a chicken wing.


3. Someone that eats ice cream with a fork.


4. Anyone that does this…


5. Or the sort of monster that does this to innocent, delicious doughnuts.


6. Whoever plucked the heart right out of this cinnamon swirl.


7. Whoever put the toilet roll in backwards.


8. Anyone that opens a box of cereal like this…


9. Or leaves Oreos without any of their frosting…


10. Anyone that does this to bubble gum.


11. Whoever does this to a Kiwi.


12. Someone that does this.


13. Or someone that eats a taco like THIS!


14. People that dunk cookies in orange juice.


15. People that eat KitKat’s like this.


16. People that pour the milk in first when making cereal.


17. Someone that eats pizza like this.


18. Finally, the sort of monster that does this with ketchup.


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