18 Pictures That Prove the Future Is Already Here

Small scientific breakthroughs in the news aren’t that hard to find, but it’s all too easy to pass them off as insignificant when we don’t see the end product directly influencing people’s lives. Aside from that, it’s also easy to forget that a lot of the tech we grew up with is hugely out of date now and products such as phones, games consoles and MP3 players that feel like they were only used yesterday are now in museums. To showcase this, here are 18 pictures that prove the future is already here.

1. The Nintendo 64, the games console a lot of us grew up with, is now in a museum.


2. So is the original iPod.


3. Adverts are getting really smart.


4. People are playing augmented reality games.

5. Remember Pat Hardison who received a face transplant years ago? this is him now. 


6. People have robotic prosthesis that need to be charged.


7. Storage has come a long way.


8. …a really long way.


9. This guy has a tattoo gun… as an arm!

10. Mothers can see and touch their babies before they’re even born thanks to 3D printing.


11. We have self-levelling spoons to help people.

12. People can now control prosthetics using their mind.


13. You can get a camera for an eye.


14. We have TV’s that can do this.

15. Smart glass can go from transparent to opaque in seconds.


16. Jetpacks are now a real thing.

17. Cameras have insane resolutions measured in gigapixels.

18. And all of this now fits on your phone.



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