22 GIFs That Will Help Explain the World Around You


The world is an incredibly complex place and at times delving deeper into any given subject can often leave us with more questions than it does answers, whether that's the world of science, mathematics or engineering. Luckily however there are sometimes more simple explanations at hand that are answerable in GIF form. From explaining PI to showing how the mechanism works inside a lock, here are 22 GIFs that will help you better understand the world around you.

1. How to visualise and explain the value of PI.

2. How under sea cables are laid.

3. How a baby develops in the womb.

4. Pythagoras theorem in action.

5. How traffic jams start.

6. How mozzarella is made.

7. How a pine cone opens up.

8. An Xray of a human swallowing.

9. How your WIFI signal travels around your home.

10. How a zipper works.

11. How to parallel park and get it right every time.

12. How manual transmission works.

13. How a violin string makes noise.

14. How a fork becomes a fork.

15. How Michael Jackson stayed a smooth criminal.

16. How boats move along Panama canal.

17. Fresh macaroni being made.

18. How a woman's body changes during pregnancy.

19. How an ant walks.

20. How a key works.

21. Popcorn popping in slow motion.

22. Finally, how mans best friend takes a drink.