19 Adorable Before & After Photos of Animals Growing up Together

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Having a best friend is amazing, especially one that you're lucky enough to grow up with! and whilst some of us don't have that special friend in our lives, at least not yet, these animals have already found theirs!. Pets that grow up with their owners on their own still get plenty of love, but those that grow up in pairs have always got a buddy right by their side to play, explore and nap with. To celebrate the adorable bond they share together here are 19 before and after photos of animals growing up together.

1. Pit bulls growing up together.

2. Biddy the hedgehog and his sister Charlie.

3. Taking up more space on the couch than ever before.

4. Still inseparable.

5. Friends forever.

6. Some things never change.

7. Two ducklings and two dogs are the best of friends.

8. Izzy & Zoë then and now.

9. Juniper and Moose are the best of friends.

10. They still fit in the bed, sort of.

11. Twin cats growing up.

12. Best friends forever.

13. They may have grown up, but they still love snuggles together.

14. The tables have turned.

15. Kasi the cheetah and Mtani growing up together.

16. Oreo and Pumpkin share a unique bond.

17. Still the best of friends.

18. Keeping in formation.

19. Bubba and Rue then and now.