Tranquil Long Exposure Photos of Traffic Lights in Fog by Lucas Zimmermann

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What started as a simple idea back in 2013 has turned into a reoccurring photo project for self-taught photographer Lucas Zimmermann. The German-based photographer recently released a new series of his popular series "Traffic Lights" in which he captures light piercing through the fog at quiet intersections near Weimar, Germany.   

Fascinated by the way in which fog allows light to be made visible and in turn brings attention to objects that otherwise go unnoticed Zimmermann takes 5-20 second-long exposures in order to capture the lights as they illuminate the fog before editing the photos in post production to adjust the temperature. 

The end result is a photo that's as oddly satisfying to look at as it is haunting. You can see more of Zimmermann's photography on his Facebook page, Behance and website.