26 Dogs That Failed in the Funniest Way Imaginable

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Young or old it would seem that dogs never stop exploring and in turn never stop getting themselves into all kinds mischief. Victims of their own curiosity they find themselves in the strangest of places, whether that's wedged down the side of a sofa or trapped inside a bush - and yet they're never wearing anything less than a smile on their adorable faces.

Luckily for us dog owners around the world are on hand to capture their pets goofiest moments for all of us to enjoy. Here are 26 dogs that will leave you laughing out loud.

1. Graduated from an obedience class, only for this to happen the next day.

2. All he wanted was a coconut.

3. One of these dogs helped mow the lawn... but which one?

4. The neighbours dog likes to say hi from time to time.

5. This pup decided to help out with the gardening.

6. Dog forgot how to dog.

7. There's a seal pup on the loose.

8. Taste the rainbow!

9. Puppy finds itself a new hat.

10. You want a nice photo? no chance.

11. Shiba Inu gets stuck in a bush, is totally ok with it.

12. Someone doesn't like bath time.

13. Relegated to the small bed.

funny dog fails 12.jpg

14. The wrong place to take a nap.

15. This doggo needs to be rescued.

16. Left husky alone for one minute and came back to this.

17. So majestic.

18. So elegant.

19. This looks super comfy.

20. That face just screams regret.

21. "The blind started it!"

22. The determination is real!

23. The good, the bad and the clumsy.

24. Shiba Inu gets stuck between a fence and a wall.

25. Mistakes were made.

26. Heads or tails?