22 Parents That Are Way Funnier Than Their Kids

Being a parent is never easy which is why it’s always important to keep a sense of humour so that when things get you down you can always laugh it off, just as these parents have learn’t to do over the years. Often ‘dad jokes’ fall short of being funny and are the source of ridicule for being unfunny however these 22 parents nailed it and instead are way funnier than their kids.

1. Four daughters challenged their dads to recreate this pose and they responded in style.

2. Her dad calls it the virginity protection blanket, or “V.P.B” for short.


3. They used to tell their children they had a brother who didn’t take a bath and turned into a mushroom. They even added his photos to the family photo album.


4. After a guy lost power in his apartment for two days and texted his dad to complain, he received this text with the message “they’re on the case!”.


5. “My dad is an OB/GYN, and was on-call for Christmas. This is how he went to round on patients this morning.”


6. “My dad was looking at me like this for like 5 minutes until I looked down at his plate.”


7. Never ask your dad to bring your stuff to school.


8. His dad thinks he’s pretty clever… and we find it hard to disagree.


9. “My parents thought this would be a funny Christmas gift.”


10. A birthday card sent from parents.


11. Parents sent a selfie… in the mail.


12. This 21st happy birthday cake is genius.


13. Marilyn Manson’s dad decided to show up at one of his photoshoots as a surprise… dressed up like his son.


14. This overly protective dad is a genius.


15. This guy went to Disney world and posted this photo online, his parents then responded.


16. “After 41 years of marriage my parents still know how to embarrass their kids.”


17. “My parents took a beach vacation with their dog and just sent me this pic.”


18. They said the dog would get his room when they moved out… he then received this photo.


19. Someone’s dad decided to put googly eyes on everything inside the fridge.


20. She wanted an iPad for her birthday and ended up with this. That look says it all.


21. He wanted “cold hard cash” for his birthday. Parents delivered.


22. After he moved out of the family home his parents quickly replaced him.


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