Couple Turns IKEA Lamp Into the Death Star and It's Awesome

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Both huge Star Wars fans, Lylelo and her partner recently spotted the IKEA PS 2014 lamp and thought that it looks a lot like a Death Star, so decided to turn it into one!

Normally a plain white lamp they set about transforming the light into the Death Star, using careful masking and painting to create its famous maze like surface and the results are pretty damn awesome. As it turns out, the sci-fi fans were right as the lamp really does look impressive, especially when it's turned on. If you want to find out how to make your own then head here.

The Death Star starts life as a plain white PS 2014 lamp from IKEA

ikea death star lamp 2.jpg

Then the areas that you want to stay light are covered using masking tape

ikea death star lamp 3.jpg

Then a stencil created by hand of the Death Stars weapon is applied

ikea death star lamp 4.jpg

Once happy with the look and shape of the pattern you've created, paint the lamp

ikea death star lamp 5.jpg

Once dry, begin removing the masking tape and then adding in extra details

ikea death star lamp 6.jpg
ikea death star lamp 7.jpg

The end result!

ikea death star lamp 1.jpg
ikea death star lamp 10.jpg
ikea death star lamp 9.jpg
ikea death star lamp 8.jpg

Check it out in action:

via lylelo.blogspot