The 21 Best Animal Selfies of All Time

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Although the subject of selfies and selfie sticks divides the opinion of many it's clear that some people are actually really good at them, but we're not the only ones that are capable of smiling for the camera because the animal kingdom is pretty good at snapping a selfie or two as well!

Naturally they're at a disadvantage because they're not all that familiar with smartphones and how to use them but luckily that's were a technique called camera trapping comes into play. Often used by photographers and film crews a camera trap is linked to a motion-sensor that is triggered when animals get near, resulting in a lot of the awesome selfies you see below. Some of them of course are taken by loving owners, but there's no denying that these animals know how to pose for the camera!

1. Husky poses for the camera.

2.  Best of friends.

3. Selfie Level: Highly Concerned

4. Lemur time!

funniest animal selfies ever 13.jpg

5. Selfie with the kids.

6. Strike a pose!

funniest animal selfies ever 17.jpg

7. Pug in Hollywood.

8. This bird is looking fierce.

9. The most fabulous horse group selfie.

10. Selfie with the crew.

11. Celebes crested macaque smiles for the camera.

12. Squad goals.

13. Quokka selfie!

14. Feeling fabulous.

15. Tongues out!

16. This sloths selfie game is strong.

17. Kangaroo posing for the camera!

18. All smiles.

19. Look at that grin!

20. He wasn't ready.

21. Otterly adorable.