Dad Transforms His Sons’ Drawings into Amazing Anime Characters

Having worked on a whole host of anime films in the past, from Symphogear to Basquash, you’d expect that french artist Thomas Romain has quite the talent for drawing and artwork but what he does in his spare time is pretty amazing. Although you would think that some of his best work is created on the commercial projects that he’s a part of, his most impressive works of art are actually inspired by his sons love for drawing and created in his own free time!

The Tokyo-based illustrator has taken some of his sons doodles and turned them into a series of anime characters that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the anime films Romain is used to working on. Whether it’s cyborgs or steam punk characters, this is what happens when an incredible imagination and a talented illustrator combine.

Steam punk doctor

Eye monster

Magic Knight


Who knows what creation they will create next!


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