Dogs Vs Fans Might Just Be the Greatest Pet Photography Series Ever

So majestic.
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Apparently all it takes to create one of the greatest and most adorable pet photography series ever is a fan and a super cute dog, as well a talented photographer such as Ontario--based animal photographer Illona Haus, the mastermind behind the brilliant series BLOW.

Haus already has a passion for pet photography however her inspiration for this particular series came after seeing how majestic her own dog Merrick's looked when standing in front of a fan on a hot summers day and soon found herself searching for a retro fan and of course, the perfect models for her shoot.

Despite their humorous appearance in the photos the series isn't quite as simple as placing a dog in front of an antique fan as Haus also tries to capture each of her subjects unique personalities and the way in which they react to the fan, a factor that shines through in the photos below. Here is a collection of some of the best moments in the series so far but to see more head you can head over to her website.

1. Sofie the Chinese Crested

2. Keno the Borzoi

3. Chewy the rescue dog

4. Traffic the Bearded Collie, Border Collie Cross

5. Chloe the majestic Yorkie

6. Viva the Chinese Cressed

7. Heidi the rescued Dachshund

8. Party the Bearded Collie looking fabulous

9. Archer the Scottish Deerhound not looking impressed

10. Fiona the rescued Boston Terrier Cross

11. Willow the Afghan Hound

12. Spy the Berger De Pyrenes

13. Sophrenia Euphemia the Cockapoo

14. The original BLOW dog

15. Roxy the rescue dog

16. Bosco the Brussels Griffon

17. Luke the Shih-tzu

18. Carys the Border Colli

19. Dimitri the Afghan Hound chilling on the sofa

20. Whiskey the Fawn Skye Terrier

22. To end it all, literally, Jack.

BlazePress granted permission to post photos by Illona Haus.