The 27 Greatest Things That Have Happened on Twitter

The one thing about the internet and social media platforms in particular is that everybody has a different opinion, but somewhere between the divide there are some moments that everybody can enjoy, moments just like these.

Twitter is perhaps one of the most divided places on the internet at times, but moments of happiness, heartfelt messages and touching stories are something that literally everybody can enjoy which is probably why most of these tweets have so many likes and retweets. Here are the 27 most positive things to have ever happened on Twitter.

1. When a beautiful friendship was born.


2. When FOX reported this little boys smile.


3. The coolest cap collection.


4. This woman’s reaction.


5. The cutest cow encounter ever.


6. When this guy was so loved someone recreated him in sushi.


7. This adorable discovery.


8. When Grandpa went overboard with the presents.


9. The greatest maternity photo of all time.


10. The cutest train ride passenger ever.


11. This random act of kindness.


12. The case of the curious head turning.


13. This priceless response.


14. The cat that cures everything.


15. When petting turtles was way more important than college.


16. This absolute adorableness.


17. The dad with the coolest phone case.


18. The ultimate fangirling.


19. When this horse had enough…


20. This proud moment.


21. The best parade ever.


22. This adorable duo.


23. The family gathering.


24. When Obama shared this heartfelt message.


25. The unexpected visitor.


26. Because first impressions matter.


27. Finally, the dog that will forever be told he’s a good boy.


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