28 Photos That Will Make You Feel Seriously Uncomfortable

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Although some of us get worked up over the smaller things in life more easily than others, there's something incredibly unsettling about things that aren't perfectly symmetrical or a little bit out of place... even to the most laid back person.

Whilst it's best to turn a blind eye to these little annoyances sometimes they're just so damn annoying you can't help but get worked up over them. To highlight this we've put together a list of 28 photos that will make you feel seriously uncomfortable, from monsters who can't cut a cake properly to tiles and patterns that just don't match!

1. When pencils end up doing this.

2. When your friends are wild animals.

3. This many bookmarks in a book.

4. These totally unsettling masks.

mildly infuriating photos 6

5. Just hope the person shooting has great aim.

6. This is way too much to handle!

7. Whoever decided to use this as a cup holder.

8. When your fork falls in food and is pretty much lost forever.

9. Getting the right floor in an elevator has never been so important.

10. It's time to move!

11. This guys seriously cluttered desktop.

12. This triangular elevator.

13. Whatever is going on with this guys earphones.

14. This row of parking spaces in Romania.

15. This door spotted in North London.

16. Whoever decided that washing a circuit board is ok.

17. This so-called "non-stick" frying pan.

18. Would you really want to bite into this?

19. Why would someone do this!?

20. A totally out of focus piece of ham.

21. This is so frustrating to look at.

22. You only had one job and yet...

23. There's always one.

mildly infuriating photos 24

24. Sink is completely out of sync.

25. These quotation marks are a little off putting.

26. This woman who's casually soldering her hand.

27. Someone that has this many email notifications.

28. Finally, this lowercase stop sign that has no authority.