Here's What "American Food" Looks Like According to the Rest of the World

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Have you ever wondered what the rest of the world really thinks American food looks like? well look no further than the 'world foods' aisle in your local supermarket or grocery store, if you're not from America that is.

People around the world have recently taken to Twitter and Reddit to share what their country or local store believes is American food and it's pretty interesting. These are more just comfort foods that are most commonly found in America, but it's fascinating all the same and as it's made quite clear, marshmallow fluff is the food of America!


Reeses Puffs for breakfast, some M&M's for when you're heading out and loads of Twinkies. Doesn't get much more American.

New Zealand:

More pop-tarts than you could possibly handle and all the candy you possibly every ask for.


Probably every cookie flavour known to man and of course, the mighty marshmallow fluff.


Switching up from the normal candy selection here we've got salad dressing, nacho cheese and cake mix - as well as marshmallow fluff.


A solid selection of guacamole and soda.


Marshmallow fluff, Reeses Pieces and plenty of cookie dough!

The Netherlands:

Cake mix, icing and.... marshmallow fluff!


Lucky Charms, Twinkies, Pop-Tarts and even MORE marshmallow fluff.


Pop-Tarts, mustard, and a proper selection of hot sauces.


Marshmallows, Goldfish and more Reeses Pieces.


Chocolate syrup, cake mix, icing and everyones favourite, marshmallow fluff.


Cooking spray... because only America has the stuff? as well as salad dressing and cake mix.


Muffin mix, peanut butter and hot chocolate.