Photographer Decides to Quit Using Photoshop and the Results Are Incredible

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The internet is awash with photography that's been digitally manipulated in post production using software such as Photoshop which got Slovakian photographer Michal Zahornacky thinking, "what if I ditch Photoshop all together?" and you'll be glad he did when you see the results.

Zahornacky bought his first camera in 2011 and is entirely self-taught with a passion to create Fine Art and conceptual photography, an area in which it's all too easy to get Photoshop involved in order to achieve the perfect shot. Zahornacky began to think a lot about the post production process of his images and decided that he'd set himself a challenge, to create more 'pure' fine art photography in which he would spend more time in preparing a scene and less time editing it later on.

Although this approach sometimes presents a bigger challenge for the more complex ideas that Zahornacky has as props have to be made sometimes for just one photo, the results speak for themselves. You can see more of Zahornacky's work on Facebook as well as his website.

1. Follow Your Dreams

2. Inner World

3. In Love

4. Last One

5. Circle Of Life

6. Lines

7. In Hug

8. Fog Love

9. Learn To Fly

10. Fall

11. Black Day

12. Remember The Others