Instagram-Famous Flight Attendant Is Called out for Photoshopping Herself into Stolen Photos

Taking other people’s work and passing it off as your own never ends well, especially when you’re doing it online because sooner rather later you’ll end up getting called out for it, just as Thai air hostess Louktarn Ticha recently found out.

Ticha had amassed an impressive Instagram following of more than 150k people before some of her followers began to notice that something wasn’t quite right with her photos and after delving a little deeper found out that she’s actually Photoshopping herself into stolen images without giving the original owners any credit.

After other Instagram users got wind of her Photoshopping shenanigans they started posting her pictures alongside the original photos that they had found on the web. One of the images (the first one you see below) belonged to a popular Finnish landscape photographer called Tiina Törmänen and showed the air hostess standing under the Northern lights – and impressive selfie, if it had been real of course. Ticha initially responded by deleting the Photoshopped photos, but has since deleted her account.

Thai air hostess Louktarn Ticha had a popular Instagram with more than 150k people following to see where her job took her next

The only problem was that the photos she was posting weren’t hers!

She was actually Photoshopping herself into other people’s photos without giving them credit

Her followers started to catch on to what she was doing and started posting her photos next to the originals

Here you can see how the clouds gave away the fact that she was using someone else’s photo

And in this photo she is seen posing inside an Emirates plane, the company she works for

Except it’s actually their photo and in the original she’s nowhere to be seen. She’s since deleted her account.


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