The Internet Has Fallen in Love with Zoë, the Cat That Wears Her Heart on Her Chest

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Although her owners didn't originally plan on adopting kitten Zoë when they had already planned to adopt her sister, thanks to her charm they ended up adopting both of them. Similar in character and temperament Zoë had one trick up her sleeve, or on her chest for that matter that her sister didn't have - a big black marking that resembled a heart. Up until that point nobody had noticed Zoë's fur heart and her humans fell in love with her on the spot meaning the two sisters have remained together ever since.

Also going by the nicknames ‘The Fluff’ and ‘Queen Of Hearts’ her and her sister have now gained a following of more than 80k followers on Instagram. At first it was Zoë that was the star of the show however more recently her sister Izzy has gained her own fanbase thanks to her expressive face and of course, the fluffy fur coat.

Both British Shorthair mixes, the two cats share a similar appearance however their humans note how the two of them differ in personality. Izzy is the fearless and adventurous cat whilst Zoë is slightly more cautious but like most cats her curiosity often gets the better of her. You can follow the duo on Instagram.

Zoë's humans had already chosen to adopt her sister, Izzy, but when she turned on the charm they adopted her too

They fell in love with Zoë from the moment they set eyes on her, meaning the two sisters have remained together ever since

Unlike Izzy, Zoë also had something a little special about her fur....

Not only was it longer, earning her nicknames such as ‘The Fluff’, but she also had a heart shape on her chest

The duo have become stars on Instagram with more than 80k people following their adorable antics

At first it was Zoë that got all of the attention for her love heart fur marking....

But recently Izzy has started to gain her own loyal fanbase thanks to her brilliant expressions

But no matter who gets the most attention online, the two of them remain inseparable

You can follow the duo on Instagram

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