Snow Storm Hits Istanbul, Here’s How People Are Helping the Stray Animals

If you need a feel good story for today then look no further than the recent actions of local business owners in Istanbul who have stepped in to save stray cats and dogs from freezing temperatures on the streets after the city experienced its worst snowstorms since 2009.

One such business owner is Selçuk Bayal who has opened his small store as a temporary animal shelter for the stray cats. “We are human, and these creatures are entrusted to us by God,” Bayal told The Dodo. Despite being praised by the animal loving community for helping the stray cats some customers have complained leading Bayal to place a sign in the shop window which states “Those who are bothered by cats, do not shop here!.”

Fortunately for the local strays Bayal is not the only one who’s looking out for them and other groups of people have been laying down pieces of cardboard inside the local shopping mall for dogs and pups as well as covering them with blankets to keep them warm.

Istanbul recently experienced its worst snowstorms since 2009 and local shop owners are keeping the stray animals warm

The dogs are being allowed to sleep in the local shopping mall…

Whilst some people are allowing them to take sanctuary in their shops.

Take Selçuk Bayal, a local shop owner who’s more than happy to help the stray cats!

“These creatures are entrusted to us … we are responsible for looking after them”

Groups of people have also been laying cardboard on the floor for the strays to sleep on and covering them with blankets…

And by the looks of things they’re grateful for the shelter.

Because they can stay inside, in the warm…

You can see Bayal and the cats in this video.

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