The 24 Funniest Spelling Mistakes Ever

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Whether they're temporary notices on windows or pop up signs in software each of these spelling errors is equally as hilarious. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time and they normally go unnoticed or are corrected before then. For these people however it's all too late as their spelling errors have been forever immortalised by the power of the internet.

1. Interesting options.

funny spelling errors 22.jpg

2. Not sure taking these is such a good idea anymore.

3. SOTP.

4. The board rooms new name.

funny spelling errors 19.jpg

5. Solid life advice.

funny spelling errors 25.jpg

6. Someone's getting fired for this.

7. The menu sounds delicious.

8. Rich Howard, the underwater diva.

9. Because there's nothing colder than...

10. Most probably a lie.

11. McDonald's setting their employee's standards high.

12. Wisdom as it's finest.

13. The irony is strong with this...

14. ...and even stronger with this one.

15. The freshest of scents.

funny spelling errors 8.jpg

16. They were told their sign had a spelling mistake...

17. Firefighters have to deal with a lot.

18. But too hard for adults?

19. I pay, therefore I am.

20. A well composed response.

21. No thanks.

22. Are you sure?

23. Reassurance at its best.

24. Shoplifters beware.