The 22 Happiest Facts Ever That Will Make You Smile

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Did you know that here's a park in Japan where you can shake hands with an otter, a law in Switzerland that protects social animals from being on their own and that Norway once knighted a penguin? well if not then get ready to smile thanks to these 22 happy facts.

1. Going above and beyond to save the environment.

2. Helping the environment and stray dogs.

3. The way they hold hands is adorable.

4. Rightly so.

5. That's a whole lot of trees!

6. To combat this they've launched a rent-a-guinea-pig service.

7. Consider them a gift!

8. The sort of fitness and motivation we can all aspire to.

9. Clever design.

10. Apparently they really enjoy being tickled too.

11. We've actually covered Matsumura and his amazing story here.

12. Diego is the man.

13. Studies have shown that they get anxious when separated.

14. Would you just look at that smile!

15. He was dressed for the occasion.

16. Who wouldn't want to shake hands with this guy!?

17. Baloo the brown bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger and collectively known as BLT.

18. Could there be a more adorable name!?

19. Because nobody likes a bully.

20. Thanks to their lack of a "mental map" squirrels often misplace their food.

21. Relatable.

22. Although a less popular option that guide dogs, guide horses share many of the same essential instincts needed to assist blind users in urban environments.