The 25 Funniest Animal Fails Ever

Some animals can run faster than us, jump higher, see further and sense things that us humans aren’t even aware of and yet they’re still prone to looking as equally as silly as we do from time to time. To prove that we’ve put together a list of 25 hilarious pictures and GIFs of the funniest animal fails on the internet. Enjoy!

1. The optimistic goose.


2. This mouse went full mission impossible.


3. Synchronised tumbling.

Animal Planet

4. That time a ferret got stuck inside a toilet roll tube.


5. Ahh the lettuce manatee… the most majestic of underwater animals.


6. Never let go…


7. The greatest ‘boop’ of all time.


8. That time when the banana skin fought back.


9. It was a valiant effort!

10. When all this poor dog wanted was a bowl of food.

11. Just because it looks like grass doesn’t mean that…


12. Mistakes were made.


13. That time a panda decided to take on a snowman.

Toronto Zoo

14. So close… and yet so far.

Marek Riha

15. When this cat took catnip for the first time.


16. When huskies collide.


17. When this cat got itself into a tricky situation.


18. Nature at its most majestic.

Caters News

19. When this hamster got a little too greedy and ended up getting stuck.


20. Well, see you later…


21. Pandas are forever getting themselves into trouble.

Visual China Group

22. …and again!

23. Behold, the king of all pigeons.

Jaroslaw Porzezinski

24. How could today get any worse? exactly like that.

Tom Stables

25. Ball? what ball?

Andy Kovac

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