17 Pictures That Prove Cats Really Don't Give a Damn

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Cats are mysterious, mythical creatures that some of us have the pleasure (or displeasure) of sharing our homes with. Often referred to as the unofficial mascot of the internet their owners, or human slaves depending on your perspective, often take to sharing their careless antics online for all of us to laugh at and to prove that cats really don't give a damn we've rounded up 17 hilarious photos as evidence.

1. The coldest rejection ever.

2. She's not even sorry.

3. This sneak attack.



4. Because doors are for losers and humans.

5. Their comfort is all that matters.

6. There's no time to be sentimental.

7. They treat everything like a play thing.

8. Sometimes they can be really evil.

9. Seconds after he was told he couldn't have any.

10. Cats don't care for personal property.

11. The most elegant of centre pieces.

12. New Years kitty couldn't care less.

13. Sometimes they are guilty of the most despicable acts.

14. Just look at this group of bullies.

15. They don't understand personal space.

16. That face... absolutley no regret.

17. You worked hard for this? the cats comfort is more important.