A Quarter Mile of Mirrors at Laguna Beach Reflects the Sunsets and Changing Tides

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Exploring light, colour and space American artist Phillip K. Smith's latest installation is a quarter miles worth of mirrors and posts along Laguna Beach, California that transform the shoreline into a beautiful reflective wall. Smith placed nearly 250 mirrors along the beach to create the illusion of the waves and sunset being reflected instead of being “swallowed”.

The outdoor artwork was commissioned by the Laguna Art Museum and forms a visible arc between the man-made world and the natural world by reflecting the changing colours of the sky and ocean throughout the day and night. Made from stainless steel and standing at about 10 feet high each of the mirrored poles were evenly spaced between each other for around 1/4 mile and when viewed from one end to another form a solid reflective barrier that's most beautiful at sunrise or sunset. You can see more of Smith's work on Instagram and his website.