17 Memes You’d Definitely Send Your Dog If You Could

Dog ownership is something to be cherished and has relatively little downsides other than the sad fact that you can’t actually have a conversation with each other or in this case, enjoy memes together – because let’s be honest, if you could then dogs would make way better friends than most people. Here are 17 memes you’d definitely send your dog if you could.

1. Because this is so you and your dog.


3. Taking out the enemy in style.

4. This is something your dog would do.

5. Because your dog knows the enemy.

6. Your dog would love to play this.

7. And you could both relate to this.

8. Because this is exactly how your dog feels about fireworks.

9. That moment of betrayal. 

10. Because your dog is always a good boy.

11. You both act weird around your crushes.

12. A class you’d actually both want to go to.

13. Because your dog would love this.

14. Because your dog knows what’s up.

15. When you’re a good boy.

16. Hair gotta look good.

17. Finally, because your dog loves to do this.


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