This ‘Goth Chicken’ Is Completely Black, from Its Feathers to Its Bones

The Ayam Cemani is often referred to as the most unique chicken in the world and rightfully so thanks to the fact that it’s entirely black, from its feathers right down to its bones. Indigenous to Indonesia the Goth fowls’ have long been the subject of myths surrounding their black meat and its special healing properties and for those wondering, their eggs are actually a shade of cream.

So what causes this unusual occurrence? according to Paul Bradshaw, a noted Ayam Cemani breeder of Greenfire Farms, the chickens appearance is caused by a genetic mutation that causes around ten times as much melanin [black pigment] in the chickens than you’d find in a normal chicken which is what gives them their goth-like appearance.

Thanks to their striking appearance centuries ago the Indonesian Island of Java kept the birds as part of rituals and they were given spiritual status meaning they were never eaten. Although the USDA in the United States does not permit the importing of live chickens from Indonesia, Greenfire Farms in Northern Florida has been able to bring the breed to the USA where it’s become hugely popular – not as food but as a model after New York magazine recently asked to hire an Ayam Cemani chicken to star in their holiday gifts issue!

The Ayam Cemani is black from its feathers right down to its bones.

Indigenous to Indonesia the chicken gets its unique appearance thanks to a genetic mutation.

They’re even black from the moment they’re born.


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