Artist Turns Indoor Spaces into Surreal Landscapes Using Century-Old Technique

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Most artists prefer to use the digital tools available to them these days given their convenience however some still prefer tried and tested methods and one such artist is Suzanne Moxhay who in this series of photographs uses a technique known as matte painting to create surreal landscapes and world's from within the confinements of buildings.

Matte painting is a technique that was originally used in films over a hundred years ago to create backgrounds in movies before CGI and the green screen was a thing, in fact, you can see it in action here. The technique used to involve painting on glass panels that where then integrated with filmed footage and is still used today for modern movies but in digital form using compositing software.

Through this series Moxhay uses cut and paste collage techniques as well as some digital manipulation to create surreal worlds in which something is always a little off, whether its a shadow that doesn't quite sit right or an odd looking perspective - an effect that Moxhay became fascinated by after seeing it in film. You can see more of the artists work on her website.