18 Hilariously Clever Disney Related Jokes

What’s better than putting on a good Disney movie and relaxing? laughing at all the funny jokes and memes surrounding them of course and here are some of the best.

1. This transformation.

2. Reasons not to trust someone.

3. The tiger that will treat you right.

4. Vacations.

5. Questioning Disney’s budget.

6. Disney and their movie titles.

7. This logical response.

8. Any opportunity to get creative.

9. Why Gaston was simply the best.

10. Modern day Disney.

11. That cinematography though.

12. The statement still stands.

13. Disney princess past times.

14. This Pokémon motto.

15. The trip to IKEA.

16. This realisation about Rube.

17. Finding that sweet spot.

18. Finally, let the truth be known.


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