18 Savage Cakes That Get Straight to the Point

Cakes are supposed to be given as gifts or accompany a special event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or to celebrate an achievement however these cakes are a little different in that they’re absolutely savage. They’re straight to the point, don’t mess with words and for that reason each of these cakes is hilarious. If you’re going to insult someone or be rude then this is probably the kindest way to do it.

1. Oh, you’re leaving? 

2. That’s Josh’s birthday ruined.

3. Finding it hard to let go.

4. The late one.

5. It’s on a cake which makes everything better.

6. “Sorry you’re ugly.”

7. A delightful divorce cake.

8. Saying goodbye for the last time is never easy.

9. Nobody likes you, but here’s a cake to make it better!

10. A friendly reminder.

11. Happy removal, tumour baby.

12. When punctuation mattered so much.

13. How to announce you’re quitting.

14. Let’s play a game…

15. Always look on the bright side.

16. A  heartfelt message.

17. That’s how to resign.

18. Finally, this congratulations cake… sort of.


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