Japanese Town of Kawazu Experiences Beautiful Cherry Blossoms Early

Each year in late March or early April Japan is overrun with cherry blossom trees that begin blooming in the south of the country before heading northwards, blanketing the country cherry blossom trees in a process that’s referred to as ‘sakura zensen,’ however this year the Eastern Japanese town of Kawazu has experienced an early bloom of its some 8,000 trees and the photographs that tourists are snapping are beautiful.

The town of Kawazu is famed for having early Cherry blossoms each year and attracts tourists from Japan as well as the rest of the world for its beautiful idyllic scenery. A small train lets visitors take a journey through the blossoming trees and take it all in whilst at night floodlights illuminate the river that runs through the town and the cherry blossoms reflect off of its surface. 

Cherry blossoms have long held a cultural significance in Japan not only for their beautiful appearance but because of the short-lived lifespan each year, comparable to the shortness of life itself as well as showing acceptance of karma and destiny. Find out more about the town here.

Made famous for its 8,000 cherry blossom trees this year the small Eastern town of Kawazu has experienced spring early

The blossoms which are known as sakura in Japanese normally bloom in late March or early April

However Kawazu is famed for its early blooms which are made possible by a unique variety of flower

So each year in February millions of tourists visit the town to view it at its most beautiful

A small train lets visitors journey through the beautiful sea of pink and white hues

The town of Kawazu is located just outside of Tokyo which can be reached by train in 2 hours

Cherry blossoms hold a cultural significance in Japan and often feature in artwork

And at night the town takes on an entirely new appearance thanks to lights that help the trees reflect off of the water

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