19 Things That Will Make You Say "Damn, That's Clever"

So good you'll wish you thought of them.
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Whoever came up with these ideas deserves a raise. From cleverly designed shopping baskets that let shop assistants know if you need a hand or not to elevator that have buttons on the floor incase your hands are full, here are 19 clever little inventions that will leave you saying "damn, that's pretty clever."

1. These shopping baskets that let staff know you need help.

2. This table that can be used by kids, adults and people in wheelchairs.

3. This guy that folded a newspaper to make his own phone holder on a plane.

4. An ATM that lets you pick what bills you want.

5. This McDonald's has a walk-through.

6. This pen that offers a $5 reward if returned.

7. This toilet that plays music so people can't hear you going to the loo.

8. This library also rents out different shaped cake tins.

9. This cone fits perfectly into the hole in the table.

10. This clever washing machine.

11. This highlighter that has a clear tip so you can see what you're highlighting.

12. This avocado that comes with a sticker to let you know how ripe it is.

13. This credit card tip collector.

14. This office has a microwave that pulls out like a draw. 

15. This HP advert that looks like two separate ads... but isn't.

16. This elevator that has buttons for your feet incase your hands are full.

17. This microwave has a mute button so nobody will ever know about your late night snacks again.

18. This airport has a restroom for dogs.

19. This coffee shop that uses coffee ice cubes so your iced coffee doesn't dilute.